Roulette tips: practical advice

There is a lot of information about playing roulette game in specialized literature, professional books as well as in internet. Some pieces of such kind of contents are rather useful but it is strongly recommended not to take everything for gospel.

Gamblers should remember that roulette always has been, is and will be a game of luck and nobody could be sure whether players would win or lose in the next round of the game (in case of honest and clear game arrangement, of course). Just accept this fact and always rely only on your own proved knowledge and skills in the first place.

Nevertheless, there are some time-honored and reliable roulette tips that are worth to know so you could make your play more effective. Let us describe most common and useful of them.

  1. It is not recommended to buy universal online roulette strategy that promises you a magic technique for permanent winning. It is an obvious fact that there is no such method which allows beating the House constantly as the main roulette rules are based on absolute randomness of the game. Though, there are some elaborated roulette strategies, such as d'Alembert or Martingale systems, but they should be considered only as recommendation. Moreover, most of such strategies are presented for free.
  2. There is no sense in searching for biased roulette wheels. Regarding the level of development of modern technologies, which are widely used in both live and online casinos, any of wheels' spins imperfections are rapidly recognized and removed.
  3. Always choose to play European roulette instead of American version. The explanation for this tip is very easy: European roulette offers lowed house edge due to the absence of double zero position on its wheel. This feature makes European game more beneficial for gamblers as it decreases casino's advantage over them.
  4. Sometimes it is better to refrain yourself from betting inside too often. It could sound strange as inside bets provide higher payoffs but players should remember that in roulette game the quantity of payout is tightly dependant on the level of bet's risk. Thus, staking on a single number you might get the biggest payoff 35-1 but if you roulette statistics you could observe easily that such bets win very rare. And generally, it is more profitable to stake outside getting lower payouts with higher probabilities.
  5. The most reasonable thing before players start playing roulette is to set your bankroll and try to manage the money considering available funds. Players' strategies depend on their risk-aversion, but in any case clever gamblers should keep in mind constantly the total amount of their losses and wins in order to adapt next actions to the quantity of money left. There are even special roulette tools that allow to calculate the size of best bets grounded on a bankroll as a starting point, which are widely used among professional players.