D'Alembert System

In roulette there are many betting systems available to players. These betting systems are the strategies a player can apply in order to guess right where the ball will rest. One of the betting systems or strategies applied in roulette is the D'alembert system. It is also known as the Pyramid betting system. Owing to the fact that roulette is based on luck this system is popularly used.

This system is predicated on the law of equilibrium. According to this law a player after loss will have a higher chance of winning instantly over a prolong period of time. The same can also be said in the other way round. In other words a player has a higher chance of losing after a win over a long period of time.

The name D'alembert is gotten from the name of a mathematician who lived in the eighteenth century. Jean le Rond D'alembert is the mathematician. Despite the fact that the above system has some flaws many gamblers are still using the betting option in placing bet. The downside of the system is based on the fact on the fact that roulette and other casino games such as blackjack and baccarat have short duration.

How you can apply the D'alembert system

The application of this system is very easy and simple. What a player has to do is to add one more unit to his bet after he has lost a game. On the other hand he should remove one unit from his bet after he has won a game. For instance if a player places a bet of $10 and loses then in the next turn he should increase the bet by $10 making his bet to be $20. He should do the contrary if places a bid of $10 and wins. The D'alembert system can also be applied in the opposite direction.

This is known as a "Contra-D'alembert system". In this system if a player wins a bet then he should add one more unit to his next bet and if he loses he should remove one unit in his next bet. The distinction between this betting system and other betting system is based on the fact that the D'alembert system does not take you back to your starting point just unlike other systems.

The benefit of D'alembert system is based on the fact that it is easy to apply. Another reason why the system is good is because of the fact that roulette is based on probability and as such demands that you apply a strategy that is risky in order to win. However, you may run a great loss if you are using this system.