Personal Data

Generally, while you visit our site, personal data is not necessary. If you want to enjoy our gaming services, personal data may be required. Give us this data is entirely voluntary.

Personal data acquired in one of our sites will not be shared and will only be used by companies Casino. They have no confidential data from a player. We do not keep the account passwords. We keep hidden behind SQL Server certification.

Cookies and Other Technologies

Beacons are very participatory. We also know that the amount of traffic through the sites, but do not connect directly to the navigation of visitors on the site. Just add a quote; cookie & quote; help us to follow. A cookie is small piece of data sent by the web server in the browser. Cookies include data about the logon credentials or registration, user preferences, online data, support bases, etc. The browser sends data to the server each time the browser returns website. Browsers can be designed to alert user when the cookies are sent. Some sites are not accessible unless browser accepts cookies. Your personal data may be used by the company to carry out monitoring service that will ensure that visitors experience with us is easy to use.

Online Advertising

The data we have compiled a website can be used in other studies of connective tissue. No personal data is used for online advertising will go to third parties for advertising and e-mail messages. We use the marketing services company to help in measuring advertising effectiveness. Meeting to help with things like the kind of customers the site attracts, the products are affected and what offers the customers like.

The Privacy Technology

All non-confidential data stored on our web servers that are located behind firewalls so it is protected. Our site may have links to hosted websites outside of our control, cannot be responsible for these sites.

Changes Notification

We will be constantly updating the Privacy Policy that applications of the technology we. We need you to review periodically to stay informed. Your continued practice of service is your acceptance of privacy statement and updates.