Martingale System

One of the systems or strategies employed in order to guess right where the ball will finally land in roulette is the Martingale system. The system is also known as the doubling-up system or the gambler's fallacy probably because it does not give a 100% assurance that you will make a gain at the end of the game. However, the system is popular in the gambling world. It is entertaining to employ this system though it will eventually yield nothing.

Martingale System suggests that a player should place an even-money. The last bet should be doubled until the player beats the dealer. The system is predicated on the fact that luck will eventually smile at you and when this happens, you will recover all that you have lost before.

Following the system if a player makes an even-money bet of $10 and loses, he should add another $10 in the next bet making a total of $20. The doubling will continue until the players wins. When the player eventually wins, the losses and even the initial $10 will be recovered.

How realistic is the gambler's fallacy

This system in the real sense is not realistic because it can only work when a player has money that cannot be exhausted and if there is no limit to bets in roulette. This is indeed unthinkable in the real gambling world. There is no player or even anybody in the world that has fund which cannot be exhausted. And if there is any player who has such money, there is always a limit to the amount you can bet on in every casino. The above underlines the impracticality of Martingale gambling system. You can even win and still lose all you have won at a bet.

Besides, it looks stupid in the eyes of most gamblers if this system is to be employed. This is because the probability of a number appearing for 20 times is very slim but even if it happens you would have recorded a loss of huge amount of money.

To continue in the game following the system you have to double the money again on the 21st bet in order to recover only 10 dollars. As it has been said above, if you have the money to place bet for the 21st or 22nd spin as the case may be, you should have exceeded the table's limit. This means that you have no chance of increasing your bet again. At this point, you have no option other than to forgo your losses.