Roulette Bets

These betting options are collectively known as inside bets. The betting options are as follows:

A player can place bet exactly at the centre of a pocket number. This type of bet is called straight-up bets. There is also another betting option in which bet is made in between 2 numbers. In this type of betting option, the chip can be placed on the vertical line as well as on the horizontal depending on how a player wants. This is called a split bet.

There is another betting option called a street. Here the bet is placed on a horizontal line of three numbers. It can be placed at left hand side or the right hand side of the table. In a square also known as a corner a player places his or her bet on the intersection of four square pocket numbers both on the vertical and horizontal line.

There is also another betting option called a double street or six line. Here the chip is placed on the intersection of two streets. Trio is a betting option in which a bet is made at the intersection of three numbers such as zero, one and two. This type of bet can also be made on the intersection of one, two and three. This type of bet is valid on a single 0 design.

There is another inside betting option that is made on a 00 design and it is called top line betting. The player places his or her bet at the angle formed by the 0 and 1 pockets or 00 and 3 pockets.

The outside betting options

This type of betting options as it is implicit from the name is made on the exterior portion of the table. There are also varieties of betting option in the outside bets.

  • 1:18 and 19:36 outside bets are bets made on the first 18 lowest numbers in the table and on the highest 18 numbers on the table respectively. There is also another outside bet where the chip is placed on either an even number or on an odd number. It is called even or odd number bet.
  • In dozen bets, there are three groups of number where a player can place his or her bet. The first group are numbers ranging from 1 to 12, the second group are numbers from 13 to 24 and the last group are numbers from 25 to 36.
  • Besides the above betting option, there is also bet made on red/black colour, column bets and snake bets.