All about roulette betting strategies

Although, it is widely known that roulette is a game of luck, gamblers have not stopped their attempts to develop a system that would improve the winning results. Most of them realize, of course, that it is impossible to elaborate universal method, which could provide constant bonus for roulette, but some systems appear to be applicable for successful gambling, indeed.

Let us describe briefly the most useful and proved strategies that are widespread in the world of gaming.

Martingale betting system

Martingale system is considered as one of the oldest as well as simplest method of gambling. The sense of the method is that players double the bet size in succession till they make a winning stake eventually. This means that at this point gamblers are able to cover all their previous losses and earn, in addition, a profit that equals to the initial size of bet.

Such kind of strategy is rather risky as it could involve huge amounts of money and, for sure, it is not recommended for long run games. In theory, the whole concept really makes sense but the problem is that it demands infinite wealth which is, of course, impossible.

Grand Martingale betting system

This system involves even larger amounts of money assuming that players not only double their bets for each round of game, but also add another unit every time. To put this another way, if your initial stake is $10, so the next one should be $30 (doubled previous bet $20 plus additional unit $10). The next bets are worth $70, $150, $310 and so on. As you can see, bet sizes increase very quickly and, for sure, Grand Martingale betting system is appropriate only for risky players.

The d'Alembert betting system

The d'Alembert system is based on the assumption that after winning bet a player has fewer chances to win again and, thus, it recommends to decrease his or her next stake by a chip. And, on contrary, this method assumes that after loss it is more likely that player would win; therefore, it is reasonable to increase the next bet by a chip.

The system is rather simple to apply and lots of gamblers exploit it, nevertheless there is a serious contradiction in its logic: roulette wheel does not have memory and, thus, does not care about previous results.

The Andrucci betting system

The Andrucci system is not as widespread as the previous ones but still it is worth players' attention. The Andrucci betting system is based on the concept of chaos which means that in long run period each of numbers on roulette wheel is hit approximately with the same frequency. On contrary, in short run there are so-called 'sleeping' numbers, which have not come up for a long time, and 'lucky' numbers which seem to be hit more often than the others. In this case, the main gambler's task is to define these 'streaky' numbers and bet on them.