Most common roulette etiquette rules and traditions

Roulette is rather popular and widespread gambling game all over the world. It has a long and rich for different events history during which specific terms were elaborated including some unspoken rules of roulette etiquette.

Let us introduce some main details of roulette etiquette policy connected to decent and polite players' behavior in casino.


It is a common practice to tip a dealer/croupier when leaving roulette table or if you have just won. Of course, this rule is not obligatory as most of etiquette regulations and the amount of tips could vary significantly depending on location. Moreover, sometimes casino owners do not allow tipping their employees, so it is better to ask in advance about all these details.

Placing and exchanging chips

At the very beginning of the game players make roulette bets by locating their chips on table layout. Here, despite the nervousness and excitement it would be nice if you really place the chips according to your choice instead of tossing them. In addition, it is not very polite to move the chips hither and thither and showing your hesitation to other players. For sure, they are not eager to observe somebody's trembling hands over the table.

Moreover, by doing in such way you could also make them nervous or displace other players' chips. Usually, if a player feels that cannot reach his or her target area on roulette table, they just announce their bets. In this case they are treated as other call bets, which means that they are valid only if the croupier and inspector dealer have repeated them. If you announce your call bet after dealer has said 'No more bets' it is, unfortunately, illegal. You are also not allowed to replace your chips by yourself after this phrase.

Players could exchange their coloured chips for cash between the spins if dealer has enough time but in most cases he or she would accept call bets firstly. By the way, when buying chips from dealer at the beginning of the game you should put them on the table without direct contact with a croupier.

At the table etiquette

Players are not allowed to bring food or drinks at the table in order not to bother other gamblers. Commonly, casinos administration settles some standard amount of fees against the roulette rules' violations and players should pay a penalty if they spoil table layout, for instance.

It is very undesirable for players to get stinking drunk because of a line of fails or express their emotions too loudly just because it could irritate other gamblers.

And the last but not the least point is that arguing with a dealer about his or her inattention would be considered as a terribly bad manner.