Roulette Myths

Owing to the fact that roulette is simple to play, many people are engaging in the game. The game is one of the casino games which do not actually require strategies or skills before one can play it. This no doubt contributed to the popularity of roulette games in the gaming world. Funs and excitements are derived from playing roulette. But in order to enjoy the game you have to know the about truth about roulette and this will enable you to put aside all the misconceptions about roulette game.

There is the misconception that every roulette wheel is similar to each other. No matter how plausible this may be, roulette tables are not the same with each other. There are some nuances in roulette table. Roulette wheel has two versions, namely, European roulette wheel and American roulette wheel. The two wheels are not the same.

There are 37 numbered pockets in European roulette wheel while the American roulette wheel has one extra slot giving it a total of 38 pockets number. This difference in number creates another difference in house advantage and the player's odds of winning. The house advantage of the European roulette is 2.7 percent while the American roulette has the house advantage of 5.26 percent.

This is why you have to be very careful when you are choosing a roulette wheel that you want to play on. In order make some money there is need for you to choose intelligently.

Myth about spinning of the wheel

This myth surrounding the spinning of the wheel is the commonest one. According to this popular false belief, the roulette wheel is not randomly spun. But this is false. The falsity of the above myth is stands out clear. Each spin of the wheel has nothing do with the previous ones.

This is because roulette wheel does not work like a computer which has a chip inside its memory. Roulette wheel does not keep record of previous wheel spin and consequently a roulette wheel spin is not affected by the any of the previous ones.

The game of roulette is based on probability. No can therefore say with certainty where the ball will rest at the next spin of the wheel. For example, if the ball lands on the red slots for 10 times, there is no guarantee that the next spin will land on the black slot.

It can rest on the red slots for many times without resting on the black slot for once. This myth has made some players to always bet on sleeping numbers but this is not actually the case.