Roulette Rules

One of the distinguishing aspects of roulette is that the players struggle against the house and not against each other. A game starts once the wheel is spun. The essence is for the players to guess right the number or its attributes where the ball will finally rest.

The equipments used in playing roulette include a wheel close to a table normally green in colour. The table has numbers written on it. 6 or even 8 players can play roulette at same time. Every one of the players is given a colour chip where he or she will play his game. The essence of this is to avoid confusion among players.

In roulette game there must be the players and a dealer also known as the croupier. The duty of the croupier is to spin the wheel. He also determines the turn of the game.

The nature of roulette

Roulette is a very simple game. In American roulette there is a dealer who sells the unique roulette chips to the players. Every player has unique colour chips. The reason behind this is to avoid confusion. Bet is placed on pockets number on the table. It can also be placed at the point of intersection between two or more pocket numbers.

When every player has gotten his or her chip the croupier or the dealer will spin the wheel and ball at the same time but in a contradicting direction. In America roulette in particular, a player can change his or her bid even when the ball has been spun. However, this will last until the croupier shouts no more bets. You may wonder how this is possible in the internet. In online roulette we have only the online facility and also the player. There is no croupier. It is the player that is the croupier as well as the player. He uses the online facility provided to spin the ball.

The croupier has some other functions to perform during the game of roulette. It is the croupier that picks out the number that wins. He also marks out the numbers that lose.

Roulette wheel has 38 pockets numbers alternated in red and black. The numbers that are in red are equal to the numbers that are in black. However, both the double and single zeros are in green colour. The size of the roulette wheel in diameter is 3 feet. With regard to the online roulette, the roulette has no specific size. It is basically based on the screen size of the player.