All about famous roulette bets and inveterate gamblers

From the very beginning of roulette history crowds of gamblers have been trying to invent some kind of philosopher's stone - an ideal system that would allow them beating the House permanently. It is clear that such magic method has not been invented and it is still more arguable that this is possible at all. Nevertheless, there were some cases of successful roulette bets in gambling.

Joseph Jagger

This British guy, a modest engineer from Yorkshire, is considered as a pioneer of roulette game. In 1873 he managed to win approximately £14,000 in Monte Carlo casino by detecting roulette wheel with a bias. Joseph to correct roulette rules a little bit and hired 6 casino employees in order they gather the data for him and having analyzed all the information he discovered that some of the numbers seemed to be hit more often at one of the wheels. Firstly, he tried to take an advantage from the wheel imperfection on July, 7 and ended that day with a profit of £14 000. During next 3 days Joseph continued his practice and won £60 000 in total. Eventually, casino's owners could not contain themselves and started to replace the wheels; so on the next 2 days Joseph lost and decided to give up, what did him a credit. In total, he won about £65,000, left his job and has never come back to Monte Carlo.

Charles Wells

Few years later another guy named Charles Wells repeated successfully the same scheme as Jagger used. His aim was also Monte Carlo casino and Charles played at the same wheel as Joseph. Moreover, he managed to do even better than his predecessor and won about 2 million francs in 2 days: 1 million per day, a fat job, for sure. A song 'The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo' by Fred Gilbert is dedicated to Wells' success.

Ashley Revell

Rather strange story is connected with this devilishly lucky guy from London. The sense is that he sold all his belongings (over $ 100 000), including property and even clothing, came in Las Vegas casino, bet everything on red and won. Ashley did not use any strategy of making roulette bets and it was just pure luck that he had not lost all his savings. Later, he confessed that it was a real temporary insanity (we would call this 'holy illumination') and he would have never repeated this again.

Gonzalo Garcia- Pedayo

Gonzalo Garcia-Pedayo is one of the guys who started to use various electronic equipments to determine which of the numbers comes up more frequently than the others. During several years Gonzalo with his family have been travelling and playing roulette all over Europe and finally stopped in Las Vegas. A lucky gambler, Gonzalo managed to win about 7 million dollars for 7 years but, in addition, he also gained serious health problems owing to constant stress and psychological tension and was compelled to cease gambling in 1994.