A great variety of roulette cheating methods ever

It is impossible to be a successful cheater in roulette game for a long time period but still there are some bright examples of gamblers who tried and managed to get round the system of roulette rules.

For justice' sake, it is worth to mention that nowadays it is much harder to cheat in casinos due to the fact that almost all of them exploit modern technologies in order to avoid such situations.

Anyway, let us introduce you some methods that are usually used to manipulate the game's results and the most famous and scandalous incidents that had ever happened in roulette cheating practice.

Roulette Wheel Gerrymandering

Roulette wheel is always in the center of attention both from players' and dealer's side and it is obvious that some gamblers hope to make it work on them more than anything anyone else in the world. There were some cases when desperate players broke into casino in closing hours and used some sticky materials (like glue or pitch) in those pockets they would wish roulette ball lands on. Of course, such manipulations were revealed very quickly. There was much more common practice from casino's side to cheat by installing biased or deregulated wheels, though this contradicts heavily generally accepted roulette etiquette.

Ball handling

Again, this kind of cheating is appropriate only for casino owners. In a roulette ball's path of motion on wheel a small hole should be drilled and while the ball is spinning a trained dealer has the possibility to change its trajectory with a little lever which should be stuck into this hole.


It is one of the most common and easy implemented way of roulette cheating to place special microscopic electromagnets under wheel. Of course, in order this method works you need to put something metallic inside the ball also. In this case, a dealer should have some kind of controller which is able to switch on and off different electromagnets to control ball's motion.

Ball Controlling

It is almost impossible to cheat making the ball lands on the desirable slot regarding the fact that ball's and wheel's movements have the opposite directions, but still there are some genius dealer who are able to cope with this task.

Chips substitution

To cheat in this way you need to very skillful and practiced player. The sense is that a gambler needs to catch the moment when dealer bends forward to see the winning number and then a cheater could change his or her roulette bets by relocating the chips on the winning position on roulette table layout.

Electronic equipment: stop watches, computers, lasers

There was a case of high tech cheating in one of British casinos when a group of players used a sophisticated laser scanner built in mobile phone in order to determine where the ball will end up just after two or three spins. Such equipment applies the information about a trajectory and speed so that it could generate approximate coordinates of the area of ball hitting.

Another way to predict the winning position is connected with using stop watches for this purpose. The method is not precise but still applicable and casinos' reaction was to forbidden stop watch in their playing halls. The detailed description of this manipulation is presented in the book by Scott Lang.